Ask us to your event!

We love parties and special events.  Kids birthday parties and local sporting events are a specialty.

We offer a visit from a fire or rescue truck, real live firefighters, a hands on, up close safety class, cool stuff to give away and a whole lot of fun for everyone.  We can also provide first aid services and public safety training at your event.

Please use the form below to request us for your event.  Please be aware that we need at least two weeks to schedule resources submitted through this form. For events happening in less than two weeks, or you want to confirm or change information, please call our non-emergency line 770-998-3533.

Contact Name
Contact Phone
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Event Description
Event Date/Time
Event Duration (Hours)
Event Address

In general, we can only participate in private events within 10 miles of the City of Mountain Park. Please call the non-emergency number to discuss a private event outside our area.

Number of Attendees
Average Age (Kids (specify ages) /Adults)

Please be specific.  Programs offered vary with age of kids present.

Apparatus Requested Engine 20   Squad 20
Is there adequate space for off street apparatus parking? Yes   No

For safety, we need about 30ft for the Engine and 20ft for the Squad.

Is there space to turn apparatus around? Yes   No

The Engine needs about 40ft circular to turn around.

Will you want us for entire event? Yes   No